A&W Menu & Price List (Canada)

Looking for a delicious and satisfying meal in Canada? Look no further than A&W! Their menu boasts a wide variety of options, from classic burgers and fries to innovative plant-based options. Check out the A&W menu Canada for a tasty meal that will leave you feeling satisfied.

What are the specials at A&W?

Top 5 specials at A&W:

1) Double Mozza Burger Combo

2) Cheddar Bacon Uncle Burger Combo

3) Blt Chicken Burger Combo

4) Beyond Meat Burger Combo

5) Double Chicken Buddy Burger Combo

A&W offers a variety of burger combos including the famous Teen Burger and Mozza Burger. They also have chicken options, breakfast items, sides like fries and poutine, and a variety of drinks. Kidspacks are also available.

Canada A&W Menu, Prices

A&W Menu

A&W Menu Canada

Burger Combo
Teen Burger Combo$12.39
Double Teen Burger Combo$13.99
Mozza Burger Combo$12.39
Double Mozza Burger Combo$13.99
Cheddar Bacon Uncle Burger Combo$14.49
Mama Burger Combo$10.99
Papa Burger Combo$12.49
Grandpa Burger Combo$13.99
Buddy Burger Combo$7.29
Double Buddy Burger Combo$8.49
Beyond Meat Burger Combo$12.69
Burger Combo
Chicken Combo
Chubby Chicken Burger Combo$12.39
Spicy Habanero Chicken Burger Combo$12.59
Blt Chicken Burger Combo$12.99
3 Chicken Strips Combo$12.19
5 Chicken Strips Combo$14.79
Chicken Buddy Burger Combo$7.69
Double Chicken Buddy Burger Combo$8.69
Chicken Wrap Combo$7.69
2 Chicken Wraps Combo$9.99
Chicken Combo
All Day Breakfast Combo
English Muffin Bacon & Egger Combo$7.69
Bacon & Egger Combo$7.69
English Muffin Sausage & Egger Combo$7.69
Sausage & Egger Combo$7.69
English Muffin Cheese & Egger Combo$6.49
Cheese & Egger Combo$6.49
Breakfast Wrap Combo$6.49
English Muffin Sausage & Cheddar Combo$6.49
Individual Items
Teen Burger$7.89
Double Teen Burger$9.49
Mozza Burger$7.89
Double Mozza Burger$9.49
Cheddar Bacon Uncle Burger$9.99
Mama Burger$6.49
Papa Burger$7.99
Grandpa Burger$9.49
Buddy Burger$2.79
Double Buddy Burger$3.99
Beyond Meat Burger$8.19
Chubby Chicken Burger$7.89
Spicy Habanero Chicken Burger$8.09
Blt Chicken Burger$8.49
3 Chicken Strips$7.69
5 Chicken Strips$10.29
Chicken Buddy Burger$3.19
Double Chicken Buddy Burger$4.19
Chicken Wrap$3.19
2 Chicken Wraps$5.49
All Day Breakfast
English Muffin Bacon & Egger$5.19
Bacon & Egger$5.19
English Muffin Sausage & Egger$5.19
English Muffin Cheese & Egger$3.99
Cheese & Egger$3.99
Breakfast Wrap$3.99
English Muffin Sausage & Cheddar$3.99
Russet Thick-cut Fries$3.29
Sweet Potato Fries$3.79
Hot Apple Turnover$1.59
A&W Root Beer$2.09
Diet A&W Root Beer$2.09
Diet Coke$2.09
Iced Tea$2.09
Orange Juice$2.59
Apple Juice$2.59
2% Milk$2.09
1% Chocolate Milk$2.09
Baby Burger Kids Pack$5.49
2 Chicken Strips Kids Pack$6.49
Chicken Buddy Burger Kids Pack$6.29

A&W Menu Canada Information

Official Website: https://web.aw.ca/

Menu Page: https://web.aw.ca/en/our-menu

Social Page

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A&W Menu FAQ’s

Does A&W serve breakfast?

Yes, A&W serves breakfast. Their All Day Breakfast menu consists of English Muffin Bacon & Egger, Bacon & Egger, English Muffin Sausage & Egger, Sausage & Egger, English Muffin Cheese & Egger, Cheese & Egger, Breakfast Wrap, and English Muffin Sausage & Cheddar. They also offer breakfast combos that include these items with hashbrowns and a drink.

Does A&W serve lunch?

Based on the provided menu, it appears that A&W serves a variety of lunch items, including burgers, chicken sandwiches, wraps, and chicken strips. They also offer combo meals that include these items with fries and a drink. In addition to lunch items, they offer breakfast items, sides, drinks, and a Kidspack menu. Overall, A&W appears to offer a diverse menu with options for both lunch and breakfast.

What’s the cheapest dish at A&W?

The cheapest dish at A&W is the Buddy Burger for $2.79.

In Conclusion

A&W Canada offers a diverse and delicious menu that has something for everyone. From classic burgers to plant-based options, there is no shortage of tasty choices. However, as menu items and promotions may change periodically, we encourage our users to provide the latest updates on A&W Canada’s menu in the comments section.

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