Breakfast Menu Prices Canada

As Canadians embrace the most important meal of the day, understanding the landscape of breakfast menu prices across popular fast-food chains in Canada becomes essential. From coast to coast, iconic brands like Tim Hortons, McDonald’s, Harvey’s, and A&W offer an array of delicious choices to kick start your day. Let’s dive into the breakfast offerings and prices that define the morning meal scene in Canada.

What is Breakfast Menu?

A breakfast menu is a selection of food items specifically designed for the first meal of the day. Typically served in the morning, a breakfast menu might vary widely depending on cultural and regional preferences but generally includes a variety of dishes that are considered to start the day right. Common items on a breakfast menu might include:

Breakfast Menu Prices Canada

  • Hot Beverages: Coffee, tea, hot chocolate.
  • Cold Beverages: Juices, milk, smoothies.
  • Breads and Pastries: Toast, bagels, croissants, muffins.
  • Cereals and Grains: Oatmeal, breakfast cereals, granola.
  • Eggs: Prepared in various ways such as scrambled, boiled, poached, or made into omelets and frittatas.
  • Meat and Protein: Bacon, sausage, ham, beans.
  • Dairy: Yogurt, cheese.
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Fresh or cooked fruits and vegetables.
  • Specialty Dishes: Pancakes, waffles, French toast, crepes.

Canada Breakfast Menu With Prices In 2024

ItemPrice (CAD)
Classic Egg McMuffin$4.49
Belgian Waffles$5.99
Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito$6.49
Fresh Fruit Bowl$4.99
Granola Yogurt Parfait$5.49
Classic Pancake Stack$5.99

Popular Canadian Breakfast Food Items To Order

Canadian breakfasts are as diverse as the country itself, blending traditional British and French influences with local and international flavors.

Here are some popular Canadian breakfast food items that are commonly ordered across the country:

Pancakes with Maple Syrup:

  • A classic breakfast option, often served with Canadian maple syrup, which is a staple in Canadian cuisine.

Peameal Bacon:

  • Also known as Canadian bacon, peameal bacon is lean, wet-cured pork loin rolled in cornmeal, and it’s typically served as part of a larger breakfast plate.


  • Although traditionally a lunch or dinner item, breakfast poutine variations exist, featuring cheese curds and gravy over breakfast potatoes, sometimes topped with an egg or breakfast meats.

Montreal Bagels:

  • Smaller, denser, and sweeter than their New York counterparts, Montreal bagels are often served with cream cheese and lox.

Butter Tarts:

  • A sweet pastry that is a quintessential Canadian dessert, butter tarts can also be found on breakfast menus, especially at bakeries and cafes.


  • A French Canadian meat pie made with minced pork, veal, or beef and potatoes. Though it’s more traditionally served during holidays, it can also be a hearty breakfast option.


  • These bite sized doughnut holes from Tim Hortons are a popular grab-and-go breakfast treat across Canada.


  • An Indigenous Canadian bread, bannock can be baked or fried and is sometimes served for breakfast with jam or butter.


  • A Quebecois pork spread similar to pâté, typically served with toast as part of a traditional Quebec breakfast.

Oatmeal and Red Fife Wheat:

  • Porridge or oatmeal made with Canadian grains like Red Fife wheat, often served with maple syrup, nuts, and fruits.

Canadian Breakfast Hours

Canadian breakfast hours typically vary by restaurant, but here’s a general guideline:

Weekdays (Monday to Friday):

  • Most restaurants start serving breakfast around 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM and continue until 10:30 AM or 11:00 AM.

Weekends (Saturday and Sunday):

  • Breakfast times may extend, starting as early as 6:00 AM to 7:00 AM but often running later, until about 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM in some places, to accommodate late risers and brunch crowds.

Breakfast Hours Table:-

DayOpening HoursClosing Hours
Monday11:00 AM10:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM10:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM10:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM10:00 PM
Friday11:00 AMMidnight
Saturday9:00 AMMidnight
Sunday9:00 AM11:00 PM

Are Canadian Breakfast Menu Healthy?

Yes, Canadian breakfast menus are healthy! They have lots of good choices like:

  • Pancakes and waffles made with whole grains, served with fruits.
  • Oatmeal with nuts, seeds, and fruits.
  • Eggs with veggies like spinach and tomatoes.
  • Smoothie bowls and yogurt with granola and berries.
  • Toast with avocado or cottage cheese.
  • Fresh fruit salads.
  • Smoked salmon on whole grain bagels.

So, you can definitely find something healthy to eat for breakfast in Canada!


Q1. Does McDonald’s Canada have all day breakfast?

Ans:- Yes, many locations offer All Day Breakfast, but check your local McDonald’s to be sure.

Q2. How much is an Egg McMuffin?

Ans:- Around CAD 3.99 to CAD 4.99, but prices can vary by location.

Q3. How much is an egg biscuit at McDonald’s?

Ans:- Prices may vary, similar to the Egg McMuffin, so check locally for accurate pricing.


Therefore, understanding breakfast menu prices and offerings in Canada is essential for anyone looking to start their day right. With a variety of choices across multiple fast-food chains, there’s something for everyone. Whether you prefer a hearty meal or a light, healthy option, Canadian breakfast menus have got you covered.