ChicKing Menu & Price List (Canada)

ChicKing serves up a delectable menu of crispy, juicy fried chicken and mouth-watering sides in Canada. Their menu features a range of options to suit any taste bud, from classic combos to innovative sandwiches, wraps, and salads. Whether you’re on the go or ready to sit down and savour, ChicKing’s got you covered with their delicious menu offerings.

What are the specials at ChicKing

Top 5 specials at ChicKing are Crispy Fried Chicken (available in wings, drumsticks or whole chicken), Korean BBQ Sub, Cheese Steak Sub, Slow-Cooked Chicken (family size) and Yogurt Smoothie.

ChicKing offers a range of crispy fried chicken, signature subs, soups, sides, hot drinks and slush. Their menu features Korean Street Toast, Italian Supreme, Grilled Veggie, B.L.T, and PB&J, along with Tomato and Cucumber salad and Mozzarella Sticks. ChicKing also serves hot drinks like Hot Chocolate Milk Tea and Hot Thai Tea Latte, and refreshing Yougurt Smoothies.

Canada ChicKing Menu

ChicKing Menu Canada

ChicKing Menu Canada

Crispy Fried Chicken
Crispy Fried Half Chicken$14.4
Crispy Fried Wings$14.4
Crispy Fried Drumsticks$14.4
Crispy Fried Whole Chicken$25.2
Combo Wings + Drums$14.4
Slow-Cooked Chicken (family size)$49.99
Signature Subs
Korean Street Toast$5.99
Bulgogi Sub (Korean BBQ Sub)$10.19
American Chicken$9.59
Buffalo Chicken$8.99
Italian Supreme$8.39
Cheese Steak$10.19
Sloppy King$8.39
Fresh Turkey$7.79
Caprese (Vagetarian)$7.79
Grilled Veggie (Vegetarian)$7.79
PB & J$3.59
Grilled Cheese$4.79
Today’s Soup$7.2
Tomato and Cucumber$3.59
Extra Sauce$2
Extra Pickled Radish$1.2
French Fries$3.59
Onion Rings$4.19
Mozzarella Sticks$6.59
House Coffee$2.4
Yougurt Smoothies
Yogurt Smoothie$5.95
Hot Drinks
Hot Chocolate Milk Tea$5.1
Hot Cookies & Cream$5.1
Hot Matcha Latte$5.1
Hot Taro Latte$5.1
Hot Thai Tea Latte$5.1
Hot Chai Tea Latte$5.1
Slow-Cooked Chicken (family size)$49.99
Cheese & Sausage Corn Dog$5.99

ChicKing Menu Canada Details

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ChicKing Menu FAQ’s

Does ChicKing serve breakfast ?

It is not possible to determine whether ChicKing serves breakfast or not, as the provided menu only includes items labeled as “Crispy Fried Chicken,” “Signature Subs,” “Soups,” “Salad,” “Sides,” “Coffee,” “Yogurt Smoothies,” “Slush,” “Hot Drinks,” and “Special.” There is no explicit indication of breakfast items on the menu.

Does ChicKing serve lunch ?

Based on the menu provided, ChicKing serves a variety of food items that can be categorized under lunch menu, such as crispy fried chicken, signature subs, soups, salad, sides, and hot drinks. Therefore, it is safe to say that ChicKing serves lunch. The lunch menu includes Korean Street Toast, Bulgogi Sub (Korean BBQ Sub), American Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Italian Supreme, Cheese Steak, Sloppy King, Fresh Turkey, Caprese (Vegetarian), Grilled Veggie (Vegetarian), B.L.T, Tomatoes and Cucumber Salad, French Fries, Onion Rings, and Mozzarella Sticks. They also offer a slow-cooked chicken dish in family size, which can be shared among a group of people. Additionally, ChicKing serves yogurt smoothies, slush, and a range of hot drinks, including hot chocolate milk tea, hot cookies & cream, hot matcha latte, hot taro latte, hot Thai tea latte, and hot chai tea latte, which can provide a refreshing break during the lunchtime.

What’s the cheapest dish at ChicKing?

The cheapest dish at ChicKing is the PB & J sandwich for $3.59.

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In conclusion,

ChicKing Canada offers a range of delicious chicken dishes that are sure to satisfy any craving. From crispy fried chicken to juicy grilled options, there’s something for everyone. Their sides and sauces provide the perfect accompaniment, and their meal deals offer great value for money.

If you’re interested in the latest menu offered by ChicKing Canada, be sure to leave a comment and ask for their current offerings. With new menu items being added periodically, it’s always a good idea to stay up-to-date with their latest offerings. Whether you’re looking to try something new or just enjoy some classic fried chicken, ChicKing Canada is definitely worth a visit.

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