Gabriel Pizza Menu & Price List (Canada)

Gabriel Pizza menu in Canada offers a wide variety of classic and gourmet pizzas, subs, wings, salads, and sides. With fresh ingredients and unique flavors, Gabriel Pizza caters to all taste buds. Explore the menu and discover your new favorite dish.

What are the specials at Gabriel Pizza?

Top 5 specials at Gabriel Pizza:

1) Gabriel Deluxe Six-Topping Pizza,

2) Grilled Chicken Alfredo,

3) Meatball Sub (12″),

4) Chef Salad, 5) Redblack Four-Topping Pizza.

Gabriel Pizza offers a diverse range of starters, subs, sandwiches, platters, salads, pasta dishes, and pizzas with various toppings. Their menu includes vegetarian and meat options, with a variety of dipping sauces and beverages.

Canada Gabriel Pizza Menu

Gabriel Pizza

Gabriel Pizza Menu Canada

Gabriel Pizza
Wings (12 pcs)$15.84
Chicken Bites (10 pcs)$13.54
Chicken Strips (6 pcs)$14.69
Zucchini Sticks (15 pcs)$11.23
Mozzarella Sticks (10 pcs)$12.38
French Fries$6.34
Onion Rings$7.78
Garlic Baguette$4.61
Jalapeno Poppers (7 pcs)$11.23
Combo Platter$16.99
Subs and Donairs
Steak Sub (12″)$12.67
Deli Sub (12″)$12.67
Meatball Sub (12″)$12.67
Turkey Club Sub (12″)$12.67
Donair Platter$13.2
Donair Sandwich$7.8
Hamburger Sandwich$7.8
Hamburger Deluxe Sandwich$11.4
Crispy Chicken Burger Sandwich$10.2
Club Sandwich$10.2
Donair Sandwich$7.8
Donair Platter$13.2
Chicken Strip Platter$15.3
Chicken Wing Platter$15
Boneless Bites Platter$15
Hamburger Platter$13.2
Hamburger Deluxe Platter$16.8
Club Sandwich Platter$16.5
Crispy Chicken Burger Platter$16.5
Fresh Salads
Spring Salad$9.5
Caesar Salad$10.66
Greek Salad$10.08
Chef Salad$9.5
Julienne Salad$12.38
Gabriel Salad$10.08
Pasta Dishes
Gabriel Lasagna$14.4
Lasagna E’lio$12.67
Grilled Chicken Alfredo$13.92
Chicken Parmigiana$18.43
Spaghetti Al Forno$13.25
Gabriel Spaghetti$12
Spaghetti and Meatballs$11.04
Spaghetti and Sauce$10.94
Two-Topping Pizzas
Hawaiian Two-Topping Pizza$13.8
Pepperoni and Bacon Two-Topping Pizza$13.8
Three-Topping Pizzas
Combination Three-Topping Pizza$14.4
Cookout Three-Topping Pizza$14.4
Go Canadian Three-Topping Pizza$14.4
La Belle Three-Topping Pizza$14.4
Pineapple Express Three-Topping Pizza$14.4
Pepperoni Roaster Three-Topping Pizza$14.4
Really Cheesy Recipe Pizzas
Orleans Favourite Pizza$17.4
Double Double Pizza$17.4
So Cheesy Pizza$17.4
Four-Topping Pizzas
Redblack Four-Topping Pizza$15.55
Smokin’ Chicken Four-Topping Pizza$15.55
Gabriel Original Four-Topping Pizza$15.55
Mediterranean Four-Topping Pizza$15.55
Steak Stampede Four-Topping Pizza$15.55
Meatsa Four-Topping Pizza$15.55
Texas Bold Em Four-Topping Pizza$15.55
Five-Topping Pizzas
Dragon Boat Five-Topping Pizza$16.7
The Dip Five-Topping Pizza$16.7
Vegetarian Five-Topping Pizza$16.7
Frontenac Five-Topping Pizza$16.7
Six-Topping Pizzas
Gabriel Deluxe Six-Topping Pizza$17.86
Fajita Six-Topping Pizza$17.86
Veggie Extreme Six-Topping Pizza$17.86
Two Pizzas with One-Topping Pizzas
One-Topping Pizzas$18
Two Pizzas with Two-Topping Pizzas
Two Small Topping Pizzas$19.92
Two Medium Two-Topping Pizzas$28.56
Two Large Two-Topping Pizzas$37.68
Two Pizzas with Three-Topping Pizzas
Two Small Three-Topping Pizzas$21.84
Two Medium Three-Topping Pizzas$30.96
Two Large Three-Topping Pizzas$40.56
Dipping Sauce
Side of Gravy$1.73
Dipping Sauce$1.73
Aquafina Water$2.3
Dole Juice$3.17
Lipton Pure Juice$2.88

Gabriel Pizza Menu Information

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Gabriel Pizza Menu FAQ’s

Does Gabriel Pizza serve breakfast?

There is no mention of breakfast in the provided menu. Gabriel Pizza does not serve breakfast.

Does Gabriel Pizza serve lunch?

The provided menu of Gabriel Pizza does not specifically mention whether they serve lunch or not. However, based on the items listed on the menu, it can be assumed that they serve both lunch and dinner. The menu includes a variety of items ranging from starters, subs, sandwiches, platters, fresh salads, pasta dishes, pizzas, and beverages that can be suitable for lunch or dinner.

What’s the cheapest dish at Gabriel Pizza?

The cheapest dish at Gabriel Pizza is the garlic baguette for $4.61.

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In conclusion,

Gabriel Pizza Canada offers a wide range of delicious and affordable menu items that are sure to satisfy any craving. From mouthwatering pizzas to tasty sandwiches and sides, you’ll find something to love on their menu. However, as a language AI model, I am not able to provide the latest menu updates. I recommend readers to visit the Gabriel Pizza Canada website or local restaurant for the most up-to-date information. Alternatively, users can share their latest menu experiences in the comments section below.

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