Gateway Pizza Menu & Price List (Canada)

Gateway Pizza’s menu in Canada offers a vast array of delicious options, from classic pepperoni pizzas to unique creations like the Gateway Mediterranean. With customizable options and high-quality ingredients, Gateway Pizza has something for everyone to enjoy.

What are the specials at Gateway Pizza?

Top 5 Specials at Gateway Pizza: Paneer Tikka Pizza, Hot Supreme, Meat Lovers Special, Chicken Biryani, and Butter Chicken.

Gateway Pizza offers a variety of pizzas, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, as well as Indian-inspired curry dishes, sides, and starters. Don’t miss out on their popular specialties like Paneer Tikka Pizza and Butter Chicken.

Canada Gateway Pizza Menu 2023

Gateway Pizza Menu Canada

Gateway Pizza Menu

Gateway Pizza Menu

Gateway Pizza Menu Canada

Paneer Tikka Pizza (new) S$10.99
Paneer Tikka Pizza (new) M$16.99
Paneer Tikka Pizza (new) L$20.99
Paneer Tikka Pizza (new) 2L$39.99
Gateway Achari Chicken Pizza S$10.99
Gateway Achari Chicken Pizza M$16.99
Gateway Achari Chicken Pizza L$20.99
Gateway Achari Chicken Pizza 2L$39.99
Gateway Achari Paneer Veggie S$10.99
Gateway Achari Paneer Veggie M$16.99
Gateway Achari Paneer Veggie L$20.99
Gateway Achari Paneer Veggie 2L$39.99
Gateway Player S$10.99
Gateway Player M$16.99
Gateway Player L$20.99
Gateway Player 2L$39.99
Hot Supreme S$10.99
Hot Supreme M$16.99
Hot Supreme L$20.99
Hot Supreme 2L$39.99
Mexican Special S$10.99
Mexican Special M$16.99
Mexican Special L$20.99
Mexican Special 2L$39.99
Greek Special S$10.99
Greek Special M$16.99
Greek Special L$20.99
Greek Special 2L$39.99
Meat Lovers Special S$10.99
Meat Lovers Special M$16.99
Meat Lovers Special L$20.99
Meat Lovers Special 2L$39.99
House Special (meat) S$10.99
House Special (meat) M$16.99
House Special (meat) L$20.99
House Special (meat) 2L$39.99
Tropical Pizza S$10.99
Tropical Pizza M$16.99
Tropical Pizza L$20.99
Tropical Pizza 2L$39.99
Alfredo Chicken Pizza S$10.99
Alfredo Chicken Pizza M$16.99
Alfredo Chicken Pizza L$20.99
Alfredo Chicken Pizza 2L$39.99
Hawaiian Pizza S$8
Hawaiian Pizza M$11
Hawaiian Pizza L$14
Hawaiian Pizza 2L$23
Cheese Pizza S$6
Cheese Pizza M$9
Cheese Pizza L$10
Cheese Pizza 2L$20
Pepperoni Pizza S$7.99
Pepperoni Pizza M$9.99
Pepperoni Pizza L$11.99
Pepperoni Pizza 2L$22.99
Chicken Pizzas S$10.99
Chicken Pizzas M$16.99
Chicken Pizzas L$20.99
Chicken Pizzas 2L$39.99
Paneer Veggie S$10.99
Paneer Veggie M$16.99
Paneer Veggie L$20.99
Paneer Veggie 2L$39.99
Super Veggie S$8.99
Super Veggie M$13.99
Super Veggie L$16.99
Super Veggie 2L$32.99
Starters & Sides
Paneer Pakora$11.99
Specialty Dips$0.75
Tawa Roti$1
Plain Rice Regular$7.99
Plain Rice Large$9.99
Raita R$8.99
Raita L$11.99
Rumali Garlic Naan$2.5
Rumali Naan$1.99
Veggie Pakora$6
Chicken Pakora$10.99
Fish Pakora$10.99
Tandoori Chicken$21.99
Paneer Tikka R$16.99
Paneer Tikka L$20.99
Chicken Tikka R$16.99
Chicken Tikka L$20.99
Veggie Lasagna R$11.99
Veggie Lasagna L$11.99
Chicken Lasagna R$13.99
Chicken Lasagna L$7.99
Channa Bhatura$9
Hot Wings$15.99
Curry Non Vegetarian Dishes
Fish Biryani R$16.99
Fish Biryani L$20.99
Goat Biryani With Bone R$16.99
Goat Biryani With Bone L$20.99
Fish Curry R$16.99
Fish Curry L$20.99
Chicken Tikka Masala R$16.99
Chicken Tikka Masala L$20.99
Chicken Pudina Masala R$16.99
Chicken Pudina Masala L$20.99
Tawa Chicken R$16.99
Tawa Chicken L$20.99
Chicken Biryani R$16.99
Chicken Biryani L$20.99
Goat Curry R$16.99
Goat Curry L$20.99
Murg Masalam R$16.99
Murg Masalam L$20.99
Haryali Murg R$16.99
Haryali Murg L$20.99
Chili Chicken R$16.99
Chili Chicken L$20.99
Chicken Curry R$16.99
Chicken Curry L$20.99
Chicken Do Piaza R$16.99
Chicken Do Piaza L$20.99
Handi Chicken R$16.99
Handi Chicken L$20.99
Karahi Chicken R$16.99
Karahi Chicken L$20.99
Butter Chicken R$16.99
Butter Chicken L$20.99
Curry Vegetarian Dishes
Paneer Tikka Masala R$16.99
Paneer Tikka Masala L$20.99
Tawa Paneer R$16.99
Tawa Paneer L$20.99
Handi Paneer R$16.99
Handi Paneer L$20.99
Channa Masala R$16.99
Channa Masala L$20.99
Mushroom Paneer Do Piaza R$16.99
Mushroom Paneer Do Piaza L$20.99
Aaloo Gobi R$15.99
Aaloo Gobi L$19.99
Yellow Daal Fry R$15.99
Yellow Daal Fry L$19.99
Saag Makhni R$15.99
Saag Makhni L$19.99
Methi Malai R$16.99
Methi Malai L$20.99
Paneer Pudina Masala R$16.99
Paneer Pudina Masala L$20.99
Paneer Do Piaza R$16.99
Paneer Do Piaza L$20.99
Mushroom Matter R$16.99
Mushroom Matter L$20.99
Vegetable Biryani R$16.99
Vegetable Biryani L$20.99
Channa Bhatura$7.99
Shahi Paneer R$16.99
Shahi Paneer L$20.99
Karahi Paneer R$16.99
Karahi Paneer L$20.99
Palak Paneer R$16.99
Palak Paneer L$20.99
Malai Kofta R$16.99
Malai Kofta L$20.99
Matter Paneer R$16.99
Matter Paneer L$20.99
Chilli Paneer R$16.99
Chilli Paneer L$20.99
Bhindi Masala R$16.99
Bhindi Masala L$20.99
Mushroom Mutter R$15.99
Mushroom Mutter L$20.99
Mixed Vegetables R$15.99
Mixed Vegetables L$19.99
Dal Makhni R$15.99
Dal Makhni L$19.99
Paneer Bhurji R$15.99
Paneer Bhurji L$20.99

Canada Gateway Pizza Menu Details

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Gateway Pizza Menu FAQ’s

Does Gateway Pizza serve breakfast ?

Based on the provided menu, it is not clear whether Gateway Pizza serves breakfast or not. The menu only lists pizza, starters, sides, and curry dishes, with no mention of breakfast items. Therefore, it can be assumed that Gateway Pizza does not serve breakfast.

Does Gateway Pizza serve lunch ?

The provided menu does not specify whether Gateway Pizza serves lunch or not.

What’s the cheapest dish at Gateway Pizza?

The cheapest dish at Gateway Pizza is the Cheese Pizza in S size for S$6.


Gateway Pizza Canada offers a wide variety of delicious and satisfying pizzas, sides, and desserts on its menu. Their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and offering diverse options ensures all customers can find something they enjoy. For the latest menu, we encourage users to check the comments section or visit Gateway Pizza Canada’s website directly.

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