Harvey’s Menu & Price List (Canada)

Harvey’s menu in Canada offers a wide range of delicious and affordable options for every taste bud. Whether you’re craving a classic burger or something a little more daring like a poutine burger, Harvey’s has got you covered. Check out the latest Harvey’s menu offerings and satisfy your hunger today!

What are the specials at Harvey’s

Top 5 specials at Harvey’s: 1) Double Angus Burger Combo for $13.99, 2) Chicken Strips Combo (4 pieces) for $12.69, 3) Grilled Chicken Salad with 20 oz Soft Drink for $13.79, 4) Large Chicken Bacon Ranch Poutine with 20 oz Soft Drink for $13.29, 5) Lightlife Plant-Based Burger Combo for $11.49.

Harvey’s menu features Angus, Original, and Veggie Burger Combos, Chicken Combos including Chicken Strips and Buffalo Chicken Salad, Poutine Combos in Classic, Bacon Double Cheese, and Chicken Bacon Ranch flavors, as well as Grilled Hot Dogs, Fish Sandwiches, and Lightlife Plant-Based Burgers. Sides include fries, onion rings, and salads, with beverage options such as water, milk, and chocolate milk. A la carte menu items also available.

Harvey’s Menu Canada

Harvey’s Menu FAQ’s

Does Harvey’s serve breakfast ?

The provided menu does not show any breakfast options, so it is safe to assume that Harvey’s does not serve breakfast.

Does Harvey’s serve lunch ?

As the menu lists burger, chicken, poutine, veggie burger, fish sandwich, and grilled hot dog options, it can be inferred that Harvey’s does serve lunch. However, the menu does not have a specific section labeled as “lunch menu”.

What’s the cheapest dish at Harvey’s?

The cheapest dish at Harvey’s is the Apple Pie at $1.59.

In conclusion,

Harvey’s Canada menu offers a wide range of mouth-watering meal options for their customers. From burgers and sandwiches to poutines and chicken strips, Harvey’s has something for everyone. They also have a variety of sides and combos to choose from. With their commitment to using only 100% Canadian beef and fresh ingredients, Harvey’s promises to deliver a satisfying and delicious dining experience every time. We highly recommend trying out their menu if you haven’t already!

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