Jugo Juice Menu & Price List (Canada)

Jugo Juice, a popular Canadian juice bar chain, offers a diverse menu of healthy and delicious options to fuel your day. Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing smoothie, a nutrient-packed acai bowl, or a hearty wrap, Jugo Juice has got you covered. Explore their menu today and discover your new favourite drink or snack!

What are the specials at Jugo Juice

Top 5 Specials at Jugo Juice include the Dragon Force smoothie, Three Cheese Grilled Cheese, Chicken & Kale Slaw Wrap, Acai Protein Smoothie, and Bacon Avocado Grilled Cheese. Jugo Juice’s menu features a variety of smoothies, wraps, salads, and juices with options for vegetarians and protein seekers.

Jugo Juice Menu Canada

Jugo Juice Menu FAQ’s

Does Jugo Juice serve breakfast ?

It is not clear from the provided menu whether Jugo Juice serves breakfast or not. There is no section labeled as breakfast, nor are there any items that are typically considered breakfast foods (such as eggs or oatmeal). Therefore, it can be assumed that Jugo Juice does not offer a distinct breakfast menu.

Does Jugo Juice serve lunch ?

Yes, Jugo Juice serves lunch. Their lunch menu includes Grilled Cheese, Grilled Wraps, and Salads. They also offer a variety of Smoothies, including Classic, Superfood, Protein, Veggie, and Energy Smoothies. Additionally, they serve Fresh Juice and Fruits.

What’s the cheapest dish at Jugo Juice

The cheapest dish at Jugo Juice is “Apples” or “Oranges” which costs $1.

In conclusion,

Jugo Juice Canada offers a wide variety of healthy and delicious options in its menu. Its smoothies, juices, and bowls are made from fresh and natural ingredients, free from artificial flavors and preservatives. With customizable options and meal replacements available, Jugo Juice Canada is a great choice for people who are health-conscious and on-the-go. For the latest menu updates and information, kindly check the Jugo Juice website or ask us in the comments section.

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