Kinton Ramen Menu & Price List (Canada)

Kinton Ramen menu in Canada offers a flavorful range of traditional and contemporary Japanese ramen dishes. From classic Tonkotsu to spicy miso and vegan options, Kinton Ramen’s menu satisfies every taste bud. Experience the authentic taste of Japan at any of their conveniently located restaurants.

What are the specials at Kinton Ramen

Top 5 specials at Kinton Ramen include Pork Miso Ramen, Chicken Spicy Jalapeño Ramen, Hot Karaage, Mango Cheesecake, and Sapporo Premium Beer. The menu features a range of ramen options including vegetarian and set menu specials, as well as hot and cold tapas, rice bowls, and a variety of cheesecake desserts. Beverages include soft drinks, iced green tea, and beer. Overall, Kinton Ramen offers a diverse menu of Japanese-inspired dishes with a focus on high-quality ingredients and bold flavors.

Kinton Ramen Menu Canada

Kinton Ramen Menu FAQ’s

Does Kinton Ramen serve breakfast ?

It is not possible to determine if Kinton Ramen serves breakfast from the provided menu as it only displays their lunch and dinner options.

Does Kinton Ramen serve lunch ?

The provided menu does not indicate whether Kinton Ramen serves lunch or not. No specific lunch menu is mentioned. The menu is a general list of food and beverages offered by the restaurant.

What’s the cheapest dish at Kinton Ramen

The cheapest dish at Kinton Ramen is Gohan, priced at $2.

In conclusion,

Kinton Ramen’s Canada menu offers an exciting and delicious variety of ramen bowls, appetizers, and drinks that are sure to satisfy any craving. From the classic Shoyu ramen to the spicy and flavorful Miso Karaage ramen, there is something for every taste preference. Additionally, their small plates and beverages add the perfect finishing touch to any meal. To stay updated on the latest menu offerings at Kinton Ramen, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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