Little Caesars Menu & Price List (Canada)

Little Caesars is a popular pizza chain in Canada that offers a delicious menu with a variety of options. From classic pepperoni to veggie-loaded pizza, Little Caesars has something for everyone. Whether you are in the mood for a fresh salad or a savory side, Little Caesars has got you covered. Discover their appetite-satisfying menu today!

What are the specials at Little Caesars

Best 5 specials at Little Caesars:
1. Bacon Bacon Boxset
2. 2 Medium Pizzas, Wings and Crazy Bread Bundled Special
3. Deep Deep Dish Pizza & Medium Pizza
4. 14″ Ultimate Supreme Pizza
5. Create Your Own 12″ Pizza

Little Caesars menu offers a variety of pizzas, including deep dish, thin crust and create your own options. They also have bundled specials with wings, crazy bread and soda. Sides include boneless bites, oven-roasted caesar wings and Italian cheese bread, while desserts feature cinnamon bites.

Little Caesars Menu Canada

Little Caesars Menu FAQ’s

Does Little Caesars serve breakfast ?

Based on the provided menu, Little Caesars does not serve breakfast. There is no mention of breakfast items on the menu. Their menu consists of pizzas, sides, drinks, and desserts.

Does Little Caesars serve lunch ?

They serve lunch or not as the menu does not specify the time of day for the items listed.

What’s the cheapest dish at Little Caesars

The cheapest dish at Little Caesars is the Crazy Bread (8 pieces) at $4.39.

In conclusion,

Little Caesars Canada offers a variety of delicious menu items including their famous Crazy Bread and pizzas with a variety of toppings. They also offer vegetarian and gluten-free options. If you’re looking to satisfy your pizza craving, Little Caesars Canada is definitely worth checking out. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know if you have the latest menu from Little Caesars Canada!

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