Mandys Menu & Price List (Canada)

Mandys is a popular restaurant chain in Canada serving a diverse and delectable menu. With a focus on fresh and locally sourced ingredients, Mandys offers a wide range of dishes for all taste buds. From hearty bowls and salads to delicious sandwiches and sides, Mandys has something for everyone. Explore the Mandys menu today to satisfy your cravings!

What are the specials at Mandys

Top 5 specials at Mandys include the Crunchy Sesame Salad, Cobb Salad, Endless Summer Salad, Hippie Bowl, and Veggie Protein Power Bowl. Mandys offers a wide selection of signature salads and bowls, creative dressings, delicious desserts, snacks, drinks, and juices to satisfy all cravings. Their menu is bursting with flavorful options and healthy ingredients, perfect for a quick and nourishing meal on the go.

Mandys Menu

Mandys Menu
Mandys Menu

Mandys Menu Canada

Signature Salads
Crunchy Sesame Salad$12.5
Cobb Salad$16
The Fave Salad$15
The Wolfe Salad$15.5
The Cesar Salad$15
Habibi Salad$14.5
Endless Summer Salad ( With Dried Cranberries )$17
Superfood Salad ( With Dried Cranberries )$16.5
Peanut Satay Salad$16
Tokyo Salad$14.5
Signature Bowls
Hippie Bowl$11
Veggie Protein Power Bowl$12
Box Of 6 Cookies$14
Box Of 6 Funfetti Cookies$14
Funfetti Cookie$2.5
Mandy’s Juices
Mandys – Juice 01$7
Mandys -juice 03$7
Mandys – Juice 02$7
Dressing Bottles
Retail – Honey Mustard Dressing$9
Retail – Spicy Maple Dressing$9
Retail – Tamari Dressing$9
Retail – Summer Dressing$9
Retail – Green Goddess Dressing$9
Retail – Balsamic Dressing$9
Retail – Caesar Dressing$9
Retail – Sesame Citrus Dressing$9
Retail – Sweet Sesame Dressing$9
Midday Square – Almond Crunch$3.75
Midday Square – Fudge Yah$3.75
Squish – Sour Peach Hearts$6.75
Good Drink -gd Mango$3.75
2 Bears – Dark$4
2 Bears – Vanilla$4
Good Drink – Peach$3.75
Flow – Regular$2.5
Mumgry – Chocolate Peanut Butter$10
Mumgry – Peanut Butter$10
Mandy’s Lemonades
Mandys – Green Tea$3.99
Mandys – Green Tea & Ginger$3.99
Mandys – Matcha$3.99
Mandys – Original$3.99
Mandys – Raspberry$3.99

Mandy’s Menu Details

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Menu Page (salades), (smoothies) (speciaux du mois)

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Mandys Menu FAQ’s

Does Mandys serve breakfast ?

There is no mention of breakfast on the provided menu, so it can be inferred that Mandys does not serve breakfast. Therefore, there is no breakfast menu to describe.

Does Mandys serve lunch ?

Based on the provided menu, it is not possible to determine whether Mandys serves lunch or not. The menu only lists a variety of salads, bowls, desserts, juices, dressing bottles, snacks, drinks, and lemonades without any specific indication of serving times.

Therefore, it is not possible to describe Mandys’ lunch menu.

What’s the cheapest dish at Mandys?

The cheapest dish at Mandys is the Flow – Regular drink priced at $2.5.

In conclusion,

Mandy’s Canada has a delicious and diverse menu offering fresh salads, bowls, and wraps that are perfect for a healthy meal on the go. Their focus on using high-quality ingredients and sustainable practices make them a great choice for anyone looking to enjoy nutritious and environmentally-conscious food. If you’re interested in trying out Mandy’s Canada’s latest menu, be sure to check their website or visit their restaurant for more information. Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your favorite dish!

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