Opa Souvlaki Menu & Price List (Canada)

Discover the ultimate taste of Greece with Opa Souvlaki’s menu in Canada. Indulge in mouth-watering dishes made from fresh ingredients and authentic Greek spices, including grilled meat, pita wraps, and salads. Opa Souvlaki offers a delicious and unique dining experience for food lovers across Canada.

What are the specials at Opa Souvlaki

Best 5 specials at Opa Souvlaki are Spanakopita Meal, Souvlaki & Salad, Pita Wrap Meal, Calamari & Salad, and Greek Salad. With a variety of salads, bowls, sides, and snacks; Opa Souvlaki offers traditional Greek dishes such as Baklava and Tzatziki, alongside modern dishes like Low Carb Caesar Salad. Choose from a selection of tasty meals and sides at affordable prices.

Opa Souvlaki Menu Canada

Opa Souvlaki Menu FAQ’s

Does Opa Souvlaki serve breakfast ?

There is no indication in the provided menu that Opa Souvlaki serves breakfast. The menu items are categorized into Meals, Salads, Olympus Bowls, Snacks, Kids Meals, Sides, OPA Extras, Desserts, and Beverages, indicating that they primarily serve lunch and dinner options.

Does Opa Souvlaki serve lunch ?

It is not specified whether Opa Souvlaki serves lunch or not. Therefore, it is unclear whether they offer a lunch menu.

What’s the cheapest dish at Opa Souvlaki

The cheapest dish at Opa Souvlaki is the Caesar Salad for $7.49.

In conclusion,

Opa Souvlaki Canada offers a delicious and diverse menu that is sure to satisfy any craving for Greek cuisine. From classic souvlaki sticks to gyros and salads, their menu has something for everyone. Their commitment to using fresh ingredients and authentic Greek flavors sets them apart from other fast-food options. For those who are looking for a quick and satisfying meal, we highly recommend trying out Opa Souvlaki Canada. As menus are subject to change, we kindly ask our users to provide the latest menu in the comments section.

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