Original Joe’s Menu & Price List (Canada)

Original Joe’s menu in Canada showcases a wide range of appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, pasta, entrees, and desserts. The menu is known for its delicious and hearty American-style dishes that are perfect for lunch, dinner, or casual dining.

What are the specials at Original Joe’s

Top 5 specials at Original Joe’s include Dragon Boat Lettuce Wraps, The Big Pig Poutine, Kona Burger, Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla, and Carolina Pulled Pork. Original Joe’s offers a diverse menu featuring appetizers like Bruschetta and Hummus & Pita, salads, noodle soups, handhelds such as the Grilled Cheese Burger, and sides including Sweet Potato Fries and Coleslaw. Drinks include a selection of beer, wine, and soft drinks. Meal kits and bundles like the Wing Bundle and Family Pasta Bundle are also available for takeout or delivery.

Original Joe’s Menu Canada

Snack & Share
Caesar Salad$9.5
Starter Salad$9.5
Brussels Sprouts$14.75
Dragon Boat Lettuce Wraps$18.25
Chicken Gyoza$15.75
Dynamite Tempura Shrimp$21
Joe’s Dry Ribs$15.5
Hummus & Pita$17
Wings 1lb$17.25
Traditional Poutine$13.5
The Big Pig Poutine$18
The Buffalo Chicken Poutine$18
The A.C.E Burger Poutine$18
Greens & Bowls
Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$19.75
California Cobb Salad$21.5
West Coast Chop Salad$17.5
Pacific Rim Noodle Soup$21.5
Teriyaki Rice Bowl$17.25
Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl$21.25
Teriyaki Shrimp Bowl$21.25
Butter Chicken$21
Baja Fish Tacos (2)$19.5
Long Beach Fish Tacos (2)$19.5
Chicken Tenders$20
Bruschetta Chicken Fettuccine$22.25
Chipotle Chicken Quesadilla$20.25
Steak Sandwich$27.5
Fish & Chips$21.5
Jalapeno Mac & Cheese$14.5
Burgers & Handhelds
Crispy Chicken Burger$20.75
Ghost Pepper Crispy Chicken Burger$20.75
Spicy Crispy Chicken Burger$20.75
A.C.E. Burger$20.75
Original Burger$19.5
Kona Burger$22.25
Grilled Cheese Burger$24.25
Cajun Chicken Cheddar Burger$21.25
Haddock Stack$22.75
Beef Dip$22.75
Chicken Club Wrap$21.25
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$21.25
Carolina Pulled Pork$20.25
Impossible Burger$20.5
The Sweet Spot
Chocolate Brownie$8.25
Cinnamon Bun Cheesecake$8.25
Kids Cheese Burger$7.5
Kids Chicken Tenders$7.5
Kids Grilled Cheese Sandwich$7.5
Kids Mac & Cheese$7.5
Kids Chicken & Broccoli Rice Bowl$7.5
Sides & Add Ons
Mixed Greens$3.25
Side Fries$3.5
Sweet Potato Fries$5.25
Side Poutine$5.75
Onion Rings$5.25
Veggies & Dip$3.25
Mashed Potatoes$3.25
Add Dip$1
Sesame Brown Rice$3.25
Bundles & Meal Kits
Dill Dip$5
Wing Bundle$44.95
Family Pasta Bundle$68.95
Balsamic Bleu Cheese Vinaigrette$5
Red Wine Vinaigrette$5
Coke 355ml$2.5
Diet Coke 355ml$2.5
Sprite 355ml$2.5
Bottles & Tins
Bud Light$4
Michelob Ultra$5
Nutrl Soda Grapefruit$4.5
Corona Sunbrew$5
Benvolio Prosecco D.O.C.$20
19 Crimes$29
Three Thieves$24
Silver Gate$18
Stave & Steel Bourbon Barrel Aged$30
Ruffino Lumina$22
Carmel Road$26
Mr. Pink$26

Original Joe’s Menu Canada Details

Official Website: https://www.originaljoes.ca/

Menu Page: https://www.originaljoes.ca/en/menus.html

Location Page: https://www.originaljoes.ca/en/locations.html

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Original Joe’s Menu FAQ’s

Does Original Joe’s serve breakfast?

It is not clear from the provided menu whether Original Joe’s serves breakfast or not. The menu only includes items categorized as “Snack & Share,” “Greens & Bowls,” “Casual,” “Burgers & Handhelds,” “The Sweet Spot,” “Kids,” “Sides & Add Ons,” “Bundles & Meal Kits,” and “Drinks.” There is no separate section or mention of breakfast items. Therefore, it can be assumed that Original Joe’s does not serve breakfast.

Does Original Joe’s serve lunch?

Based on the provided menu, it appears that Original Joe’s does serve lunch. However, the menu primarily consists of snacks, shared plates, salads, bowls, casual entrees, burgers and handhelds, and sides rather than traditional lunch items. Some options that could potentially be considered “lunch” items include the Pacific Rim Noodle Soup, Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, Chicken Club Wrap, and Beef Dip. There are also a few meal bundles and kits available, such as the Wing Bundle and Family Pasta Bundle.

What’s the cheapest dish at Original Joe’s?

The cheapest dish at Original Joe’s is the Kids Cheese Burger for $7.5.

Latest Canada Menu

In conclusion,

Original Joe’s Canada offers a diverse and delicious menu that caters to a variety of tastes and dietary needs. From classic pub fare to innovative dishes, there is something for everyone to enjoy. However, it’s important to note that menus can change frequently, so it’s recommended to check their website or visit a location to view the latest offerings. We encourage readers to share their experiences and any updates on the menu in the comments section below.

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