Pizza Hotline Menu & Price List (Canada)

Pizza Hotline offers a vast and delicious menu for pizza lovers across Canada. From classic Margherita to meat-lovers’ paradise, their gourmet pizzas use only the finest and freshest ingredients. Explore their menu online and get ready to indulge in a slice of heaven.

What are the specials at Pizza Hotline?

Pizza Hotline offers a diverse menu with options ranging from classic pizza to stone-fired and gluten-free versions. Their top five specials include the Family Night deal, the Medium Meal Deal, the Medium Pizza and Salad combo, the Original Double Deal, and the 222 For You special. With a range of toppings and sizes, Pizza Hotline caters to different tastes and preferences.

Pizza Hotline Menu Winnipeg

Pizza Hotline Menu Winnipeg

Pizza Hotline Menu

Pizza Hotline Menu Winnipeg

Pizza Hotline Menu Canada

Hot Specials
Family Night$33.49
2 Med + Cheesesticks$23.99
Medium Meal Deal$12.99
Medium Pizza And A Salad$11.99
2 Medium + Wings$23.99
Medium Pan Pizza With 2 Toppings$8.49
The Original Double Deal$20.99
4 Small Pizza Deal$22.22
Small Pizza And A Salad$8.99
Small Pan Pizza With 2 Toppings$5.99
3 Extra Large Meal Deal$34.99
Family Deal$33.99
Extra Large Pan Pizza With 2 Toppings$9.99
Extra Large Pizza And 10 Wings$22
Xl 4 Topping Pizza + Medium 16 Piece Cheese Sticks$21
2 On 1 Hockey Meal Deal$26.99
Extra Large Pizza$13.99
Unlimited Pizza – Medium$13.99
4-xl Party Pack$39.99
Xl 4 Topping$13.99
222 For You$24.99
3-xl 2 Topping Pizzas$34.99
Specialty Pizzas
Pierogi Pizza Medium$12.99
Pierogi Pizza Extra Lg$19.99
Pierogi Pizza 12″Cauliflower$15
Pierogi Pizza Rustic Family Sz$22.22
Mediterranean Medium$12.99
Mediterranean Extra Lg$19.99
Mediterranean 12″Cauliflower$15
Mediterranean Rustic Family Sz$22.22
New York! New York! Medium$12.99
New York! New York! Extra Lg$19.99
New York! New York! 12″Cauliflower$15
New York! New York! Rustic Family Sz$22.22
The Bacon Double Cheese Medium$12.99
The Bacon Double Cheese Extra Lg$19.99
The Bacon Double Cheese 12″Cauliflower$15
The Bacon Double Cheese Rustic Family Sz$22.22
Italian Classic Medium$12.99
Italian Classic Extra Lg$19.99
Italian Classic 12″Cauliflower$15
Italian Classic Rustic Family Sz$22.22
Primo Suprimo Medium$12.99
Primo Suprimo Extra Lg$19.99
Primo Suprimo 12″Cauliflower$15
Primo Suprimo Rustic Family Sz$22.22
Deluxe Hawaiian Medium$12.99
Deluxe Hawaiian Extra Lg$19.99
Deluxe Hawaiian 12″Cauliflower$15
Deluxe Hawaiian Rustic Family Sz$22.22
Combination Medium$12.99
Combination Extra Lg$19.99
Combination 12″Cauliflower$15
Combination Rustic Family Sz$22.22
Primo Mexi Medium$12.99
Primo Mexi Extra Lg$19.99
Primo Mexi 12″Cauliflower$15
Primo Mexi Rustic Family Sz$22.22
Meaty Delight Medium$12.99
Meaty Delight Extra Lg$19.99
Meaty Delight 12″Cauliflower$15
Meaty Delight Rustic Family Sz$22.22
Garden Vegi Medium$12.99
Garden Vegi Extra Lg$19.99
Garden Vegi 12″Cauliflower$15
Garden Vegi Rustic Family Sz$22.22
Primo Pepperoni Medium$12.99
Primo Pepperoni Extra Lg$19.99
Primo Pepperoni 12″Cauliflower$15
Primo Pepperoni Rustic Family Sz$22.22
Taco Pizza Medium$12.99
Taco Pizza Extra Lg$19.99
Taco Pizza 12″Cauliflower$15
Taco Pizza Rustic Family Sz$22.22
Tropical Chicken Medium$12.99
Tropical Chicken Extra Lg$19.99
Tropical Chicken 12″Cauliflower$15
Tropical Chicken Rustic Family Sz$22.22
Chicken Bacon Ranch Medium$12.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch Extra Lg$19.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch 12″Cauliflower$15
Chicken Bacon Ranch Rustic Family Sz$22.22
Spicy Hawaiian Medium$12.99
Spicy Hawaiian Extra Lg$19.99
Spicy Hawaiian 12″Cauliflower$15
Spicy Hawaiian Rustic Family Sz$22.22
The Greek Medium$12.99
The Greek Extra Lg$19.99
The Greek 12″Cauliflower$15
The Greek Rustic Family Sz$22.22
Regular Pizzas
Medium Cauliflower Gluten Free Vegan Crust Pizza$15
Personal Pizza With 1 Topping$5.55
Rustic Italian Family Pizza$18.22
Medium Pan Pizza$12.49
Unlimited Pizza – X-large$28.99
Extra Large Pizza$13.99
Stone Fired
Stone Fired Pizza$15
Sicilian Stonefired$14
Classic Stonefired$14
Comfort Stonefired$14
Italian Meat Stonefired$14
Roasted Veggie Stonefired$14
Chicken Stonefired$14
Margherita Stonefired$14
Four Cheese$14
10-boneless Wings$10.99
5-boneless Wings$5.99
Wings – 5 Piece Order$5.99
Wings – 10 Piece Order$10.99
Wings – 20 Piece Order$19.99
Extra Wing Sauce$0.99
Fresh Salads
Caesar Salad – Side$3.99
Greek Salad – Side$3.99
Tossed Salad – Side$3.99
Caesar Salad – Family Size$11.99
Greek Salad – Family Size$11.99
Tossed Salad – Family Size$11.99
Extra Salad Dressing$0.99
Mccain’s Chocolate Cake$5.99
Cinnamon Sticks With Icing$8.99
Extra Dessert Icing$0.99
Medium Bacon Cheese Sticks$13.49
Small Bacon Cheese Sticks$7.99
Extra Large Bacon Cheesesticks$16.99
Baked Penne$7.99
Chili Peppers On The Side$0.75
Medium 16 Piece Cheese Sticks$11.99
Small 8 Piece Cheese Sticks$6.99
Extra Large 16 Piece Cheesesticks$14.99
Medium Breadsticks 16 Slices$7.49
Parmesan On The Side$0.75
Small Bread Sticks – 8 Pieces$5
Small Pepperoni Cheese Sticks$7.99
Medium Pepperoni Sticks$13.49
Extra Large Pepperoni Sticks$16.99
Calzone Stone Fired$11
Cheesesticks Stone Fired$11
Small Taco Cheese Sticks$7.99
Medium Taco Cheese Sticks$13.49
Extra Large Taco Cheesesticks$16.99
Cauliflower Crust Bacon Sticks$17.49
12″ Cauliflower Crust Cheese Sticks$15.99
Cauliflower Crust Pepperoni Sticks$17.49
Cauliflower Taco Sticks$17.49
Dipping Sauce$0.99
Garlic Cheese Toast$4.99
Side Of Sour Cream 2 Oz Cup$0.75
Marinara Dipping Sauce$0.99
Garlic Toast$4
Oven Baked Sandwich – Chicken Bacon Ranch$7.5
Canned Drinks
355 Ml Can$1.49
3 Can Pop Pack – 355 Ml Cans$3.49
6 Can Pop Pack – 355 Ml Cans$6

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Pizza Hotline Menu FAQ’s

Does Pizza Hotline serve breakfast ?

There is no indication on the menu that Pizza Hotline serves breakfast. The menu only features hot specials, family deals, medium and extra large pizzas with various toppings, stone-fired pizzas, wings, fresh salads, desserts, and additional extras.

Does Pizza Hotline serve lunch ?

There is no clear indication on the provided menu whether Pizza Hotline serves lunch or not. The menu only lists various options for pizza, wings, salads, desserts, and extras. There are no specific lunch combos or deals mentioned. However, customers are free to order any items from the menu at any time of the day, so it is possible that the restaurant serves lunch but does not have a separate lunch menu.

What’s the cheapest dish at Pizza Hotline?

The cheapest dish at Pizza Hotline is the Personal Pizza with 1 Topping for $5.55.

In conclusion,

Pizza Hotline Canada offers a wide variety of pizza toppings and flavors, as well as wings, salads, and other sides for those looking for more options. Their menu is sure to satisfy any pizza lover’s craving. We encourage users to check out Pizza Hotline Canada’s website or visit one of their locations for their latest menu offerings. Don’t forget to leave a comment below with your favorite menu item from Pizza Hotline!

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