Pizza Hut Menu & Price List (Canada)

The Pizza Hut menu in Canada offers a wide range of delicious pizzas, sides, and desserts for every taste and occasion. With options for delivery, takeout, and dine-in, customers can enjoy a fresh and satisfying meal at any time. Explore the diverse menu and find your favourite pizza combination today.

What are the specials at Pizza Hut?

Top 5 specials at Pizza Hut: 1) Large Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza for $19.99, 2) Medium Meat Lover’s Pizza for $16.99, 3) Small Hawaiian Pizza for $12.49, 4) Personal Veggie Lover’s Pizza for $5.99, 5) XL Panormous Supreme Lover’s Pizza for $23.99.

The Pizza Hut menu features 14″ and 12″ large, 9″ small, and 6″ personal sized pizzas with various toppings such as meat, veggie, and chicken options. They also offer XL panormous pizzas, pasta dishes, sides, dips, desserts, and a selection of drinks. Specials include pepperoni lover’s, meat lover’s, and Hawaiian pizzas in different sizes.

Pizza Hut Menu

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Canada Pizza Hut Menu 2023

Pizza Hut Main Menu
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Pizza Hut Menu Canada

Large Pizzas
14″ Large Create Your Own$14.99
14″ Large Hawaiian$19.99
14″ Large Pepperoni Lover’s$19.99
14″ Large Meat Lover’s$19.99
14″ Large Veggie Lover’s$19.99
14″ Large Canadian$19.99
14″ Large Supreme Lover’s$19.99
14″ Large Triple Crown$19.99
14″ Large Cheese Lover’s$19.99
14″ Large Chicken Caesar$19.99
14″ Large BBQ Chicken$19.99
14″ Large Super Supreme Lover’s$19.99
14″ Large Smokey Maple Bacon$19.99
14″ Large Chicken Lover’s$19.99
14″ Large Creamy Butter Chicken$19.99
14″ Large Grilled Chicken Arrabbiata$19.99
14″ Large Margherita$19.99
14″ Large Grilled Chicken Rustico$19.99
14″ Large Italian Classic$19.99
Medium Pizzas
12″ Medium Create Your Own$11.99
12″ Medium Hawaiian$16.99
12″ Medium Pepperoni Lover’s$16.99
12″ Medium Meat Lover’s$16.99
12″ Medium Veggie Lover’s$16.99
12″ Medium Canadian$16.99
12″ Medium Supreme Lover’s$16.99
12″ Medium Triple Crown$16.99
12″ Medium Cheese Lover’s$16.99
12″ Medium Chicken Caesar$16.99
12″ Medium BBQ Chicken$16.99
12″ Medium Super Supreme Lover’s$16.99
12″ Medium Smokey Maple Bacon$16.99
12″ Medium Chicken Lover’s$16.99
12″ Medium Creamy Butter Chicken$16.99
12″ Medium Grilled Chicken Arrabbiata$16.99
12″ Medium Margherita$16.99
12″ Medium Grilled Chicken Rustico$16.99
12″ Medium Italian Classic$16.99
Small Pizzas
9″ Small Create Your Own$9.49
9″ Small Hawaiian$12.49
9″ Small Pepperoni Lover’s$12.49
9″ Small Meat Lover’s$12.49
9″ Small Veggie Lover’s$12.49
9″ Small Canadian$12.49
9″ Small Supreme Lover’s$12.49
9″ Small Triple Crown$12.49
9″ Small Cheese Lover’s$12.49
9″ Small Chicken Caesar$12.49
9″ Small BBQ Chicken$12.49
9″ Small Super Supreme Lover’s$12.49
9″ Small Smokey Maple Bacon$12.49
9″ Small Chicken Lover’s$12.49
9″ Small Creamy Butter Chicken$12.49
9″ Small Grilled Chicken Arrabbiata$12.49
9″ Small Margherita$12.49
9″ Small Grilled Chicken Rustico$12.49
9″ Small Italian Classic$12.49
Personal Pizzas
6″ Personal Create Your Own$3.49
6″ Personal Hawaiian$5.99
6″ Personal Pepperoni Lover’s$5.99
6″ Personal Meat Lover’s$5.99
6″ Personal Veggie Lover’s$5.99
6″ Personal Canadian$5.99
6″ Personal Supreme Lover’s$5.99
6″ Personal Triple Crown$5.99
6″ Personal Cheese Lover’s$5.99
6″ Personal Chicken Caesar$5.99
6″ Personal BBQ Chicken$5.99
6″ Personal Super Supreme Lover’s$5.99
6″ Personal Smokey Maple Bacon$5.99
6″ Personal Chicken Lover’s$5.99
6″ Personal Creamy Butter Chicken$5.99
6″ Personal Grilled Chicken Arrabbiata$5.99
6″ Personal Margherita$5.99
6″ Personal Grilled Chicken Rustico$5.99
6″ Personal Italian Classic$5.99
XL Panormous Pizzas
XL Panormous Create Your Own$18.49
XL Panormous Hawaiian$23.99
XL Panormous Pepperoni Lover’s$23.99
XL Panormous Meat Lover’s$23.99
XL Panormous Canadian$23.99
XL Panormous Supreme Lover’s$23.99
XL Panormous Veggie Lover’s$23.99
XL Panormous Cheese Lover’s$23.99
XL Panormous Triple Crown$23.99
XL Panormous Chicken Caesar$23.99
XL Panormous BBQ Chicken$23.99
XL Panormous Super Supreme Lover’s$23.99
XL Panormous Smokey Maple Bacon$23.99
XL Panormous Chicken Lover’s$23.99
XL Panormous Creamy Butter Chicken$23.99
XL Panormous Grilled Chicken Arrabbiata$23.99
XL Panormous Margherita$23.99
XL Panormous Grilled Chicken Rustico$23.99
XL Panormous Italian Classic$23.99
Pepperoni P’Zone$8.99
Canadian P’Zone$8.99
Meat Lover’s P’Zone$8.99
Regular Creamy Chicken Alfredo$9.99
Family Creamy Chicken Alfredo$16.99
Regular Meaty Marinara$9.99
Family Meaty Marinara$16.99
Regular Bacon Mac ‘N Cheese$9.99
Family Bacon Mac ‘N Cheese$16.99
Regular Mediterranean con Pollo$12.49
Family Mediterranean con Pollo$19.49
Regular Mediterranean Vegetable$9.99
Family Mediterranean Vegetable$16.99
Regular Breadsticks$4.99
Large Breadsticks$7.99
Regular Garlic Bread$3.49
Large Garlic Bread$4.49
Cheddar Jalapeno Dip$0.85
Creamy Garlic Dip$0.85
Marinara Dip$0.85
Peppercorn Ranch Dip$0.85
Half Baked$8.99
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough$8.99
Chocolate Fudge Brownie$8.99
S’more Please$8.99
Cinnabon Mini Rolls$7.99
Hershey’s Chipits Triple Chocolate Brownie$7.99
The Ultimate Hershey’s Chipits Cookie$6.99
2 Liter$2.99
4 Pack Cans$4.99

Pizza Hut Menu Details

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Pizza Hut Menu FAQ’s

Does Pizza Hut serve breakfast ?

The provided menu of Pizza Hut does not include breakfast items, so Pizza Hut does not serve breakfast.

Does Pizza Hut serve lunch ?

It is not specified whether Pizza Hut serves lunch or not in the provided menu.

What’s the cheapest dish at Pizza Hut

The cheapest dish at Pizza Hut is the 6″ Personal Create Your Own pizza, priced at $3.49.

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In conclusion, Pizza Hut Canada offers a wide range of delicious pizzas and sides that cater to different taste preferences. From classic pepperoni to unique toppings like hot honey chicken and maple bacon, Pizza Hut Canada has something for everyone. Additionally, their sides such as Caesar salad, garlic bread, and jalapeno poppers complement their pizzas perfectly. We highly recommend giving Pizza Hut Canada a try!

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