Smitty’s Menu & Price List (Canada)

When it comes to dining in Canada, Smitty’s is a popular choice for many. Known for their vast menu selection, Smitty’s offers a variety of tasty dishes to satisfy any craving. From breakfast classics to hearty burgers and steaks, there’s something for everyone on Smitty’s menu.

What are the specials at Smitty’s

Top 5 specials at Smitty’s: Meat Lover’s Skillet, New York Steak and Eggs, Strawberry Crepes, Classic Handhelds Combo, and Colossal Carrot Cake.

Smitty’s menu offers an extensive selection of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options including omelettes, pancakes and crepes, burgers, salads, and desserts. The restaurant also has a kids’ menu and beverage options such as coffee, tea, and beer/wine. Don’t miss out on their popular specials like the Meat Lover’s Skillet and Colossal Carrot Cake.

Smitty’s Menu Canada

Smitty’s Menu FAQ’s

Does Smitty’s serve breakfast ?

Yes, Smitty’s serves breakfast. They have a variety of options for Omelettes & Eggs, Benedicts, Pancakes & Crepes, Belgian Waffles & French Toast, and Breakfast Extras such as bacon, sausage, and hash browns. They also have a Kids Breakfast Menu.

Does Smitty’s serve lunch ?

The provided menu includes options for lunch such as the Traditional Clubhouse, Philly Cheese Melt, Chicken Tenders, Chicken Quesadilla, Classic Burger, Bacon Cheese Burger, Honey BBQ Burger, Ultimate Mozza Burger, and Crunchy Chicken Burger. Therefore, Smitty’s does serve lunch and their lunch menu includes handhelds, burgers, and a few other options like chicken tenders and quesadilla.

What’s the cheapest dish at Smitty’s

The cheapest dish at Smitty’s is the One Egg Any Style, priced at $11.49.

In conclusion,

Smitty’s Canada offers a diverse menu with a mix of classic diner fare and more modern options. From breakfast to dinner and everything in between, there is something for everyone at Smitty’s. However, menus can change over time, so we encourage you to check the latest menu from Smitty’s Canada in the comments section below.

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