The Chopped Leaf Menu & Price List (Canada)

The Chopped Leaf menu in Canada offers a variety of fresh and healthy options for those looking for a nutritious meal. With a focus on using whole foods and natural ingredients, their menu caters to a range of dietary needs and preferences. From salads to wraps, soups to bowls, The Chopped Leaf has something for everyone.

What are the specials at The Chopped Leaf

Top 5 specials at The Chopped Leaf include Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Catering Platter for 9 people, Untraditional Caesar Family Bowl, Bangkok Chef Crafted Salad and Wrap, and Nutty Stuffed Cup. The Chopped Leaf menu offers Chef Crafted Bowls and Wraps, Salads and Wraps, Sandwiches and Soups, Quesadillas, Kids Mains, Family Bundles, Stuffed Cups, Treats, and Beverages, catering to diverse dietary needs and preferences with fresh, healthy ingredients.

The Chopped Leaf Menu 2023

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The Chopped Leaf Menu Canada

Ginger Cookie$3.16
Lemon Tea Cookie$3.16
Catering Platter
Bundle for 6 people$101.16
Bundle for 9 people$151.74
Water Bottle
Chopped Leaf Water Bottle$24
Chef Crafted Whole Bowls And Wraps
Selection No. 1$10.2
Selection No. 2$10.2
Selection No. 3$10.2
Selection No. 4$11.95
Selection No. 5$10.65
Selection No. 6$10.65
Chef Crafted Salad And Wraps
Design Your Own Salad Or Wraps
Design Your Own Salad or Wrap$10.5
Sandwiches And Soup
Spicy Chicken Sandwich$7.9
Cranberry Pesto Sandwich$10.5
Chopped Tuna Melt Sandwich$10.5
Soup of the Day$11.65
Pesto Quesadilla$5.18
Baja Quesadilla$11.65
Vegetarian Quesadilla$11.65
BBQ Quesadilla$11.65
Kids Mains
Kids Grilled Cheese$6.55
Kids Chickie Caesar Salad$6.55
Kids Chickie Caesar Wrap$6.55
Kids Chickie Ranch Wrap$6.55
Kids Chickie Quesadilla$6.55
Kids Chickie Garden Salad$6.55
Kids Chickie Bowl$6.55
Family Bundles
Untraditional Caesar Family Bowl (serves 3-4)$24.99
Mexicana Family Bowl (serves 3-4)$24.99
Chopped Thai Family Bowl (serves 3-4)$24.99
Family Bowl No. 2 (serves 3-4)$24.99
Family Bowl No. 3 (serves 3-4)$24.99
Stuffed Cups
Nutty Stuffed Cup$9.05
Idol Stuffed Cup$9.05
Zeus Stuffed Cup$9.05
Hardbite All Natural$2.3
Hardbite Rock Salt and Vinegar$2.3
Hardbite Smokin’ BBQ$2.3
Bottled Pop (355ml)$3.2
Bottled Juice (355ml)$3.2
Happy Planet Smoothies (325ml)$4.6
Royals Kombucha (375 ml)$5.2
Well Pressed – Cold Pressed Juices$7
Vitamin Water$3.5

The Chopped Leaf Menu Canada

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The Chopped Leaf Menu FAQ’s

Does The Chopped Leaf serve breakfast ?

It is not clear from the provided menu whether The Chopped Leaf serves breakfast or not. The menu only includes items for lunch and dinner, as well as some snacks, desserts, and beverages. No breakfast menu items are listed.

Does The Chopped Leaf serve lunch ?

Based on the provided menu, it appears that The Chopped Leaf does serve lunch. Their lunch menu includes a variety of items such as Chef Crafted Whole Bowls and Wraps, Chef Crafted Salads and Wraps, Sandwiches and Soup, Quesadillas, Kids Mains, Family Bundles, Stuffed Cups, Treats, and Beverages. There are also options for catering platters, indicating that they likely offer lunch catering services as well.

What’s the cheapest dish at The Chopped Leaf

The cheapest dish at The Chopped Leaf is the Ginger Cookie or the Lemon Tea Cookie, priced at $3.16 each.

In conclusion,

The Chopped Leaf offers a diverse and healthy selection of menu items that caters to various dietary needs and preferences. Whether you’re in the mood for a nutritious salad or a hearty sandwich, they have something for everyone. Their emphasis on using fresh, quality ingredients and their commitment to sustainability is evident in every dish.

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