Topper’s Pizza Menu & Price List (Canada)

Topper’s Pizza Canada offers a diverse menu of pizza, wings, salads, and sides that are sure to satisfy any cravings. Whether you prefer classic toppings or something more unique, their menu has something for everyone. Discover the delicious offerings from Topper’s Pizza and enjoy a satisfying meal today.

What are the specials at Topper’s Pizza

Top 5 specials:

1) Bone-in Chicken Wings (10 pcs) for $13.5;

2) Extreme CheezySticks for $11.95;

3) Meat Mountain Large Pizza for $23.95;

4) Caesar Salad with Chicken for $10.95;

5) BYO (Build-Your-Own) Personal Pizza starting at $6.25.

Topper’s Pizza menu offers an extensive range of appetizers, salads, pizzas, and desserts. With their variety of toppings and crust options, customers can build their pizzas for as low as $6.25. The restaurant also offers specials on wings, salads, and select pizzas. Don’t forget to try their CheezySticks and Cinnamon Apple Crisp Dessert Pizza!

Topper’s Pizza Menu Canada

Jalapeno Cheezy Sticks$12.95
Dill Pickle Cheezy Sticks (8 pcs)$12.95
Extreme CheezySticks$11.95
Topperotti’s and Crustanos
BYO Topperotti$8.95
BBQ Steak Crustano$9.95
Grilled Chicken Bruschetta$10.25
Chicken Caesar$10.25
Meatball Crustano$9.95
Bone-in Chicken (10 pcs)$13.5
Boneless Breaded Chicken (Regular)$13.5
Caesar Salad (Regular)$8.95
Caesar Salad (Regular) with Chicken$10.95
Greek Salad (Regular)$8.95
Greek Salad (Regular) with Chicken$10.95
Recipe Pizzas
Deluxe Personal Pizza$8.95
Deluxe Small Pizza$14.95
Deluxe Medium Pizza$18.95
Deluxe Large Pizza$22.95
Deluxe Extra Large Pizza$25.95
Veggie Medium Pizza$18.95
Veggie Large Pizza$22.95
Hawaiian Personal Pizza$8.95
Hawaiian Small Pizza Pizza$14.95
Hawaiian Medium Pizza$18.95
Hawaiian Large Pizza$22.95
Meat Mountain Small Pizza$15.95
Meat Mountain Medium Pizza$19.95
Meat Mountain Large Pizza$23.95
Meat Mountain Extra Large Pizza$26.95
BBQ Chicken Small Pizza$15.95
BBQ Chicken Medium Pizza$19.95
BBQ Chicken Large Pizza$23.95
BBQ Chicken Extra Large Pizza$26.95
Bacon Double Cheeseburger Small Pizza$15.95
Bacon Double Cheeseburger Medium Pizza$19.95
Bacon Double Cheeseburger Large Pizza$23.95
Bacon Double Cheeseburger Extra Large Pizza$26.95
Chicken Caesar Large Pizza$23.95
Canadiana Personal Pizza$8.95
Canadiana Small Pizza$14.95
Canadiana Medium Pizza$18.95
Canadiana Large Pizza$22.95
Canadiana X-Large Pizza$25.95
Veggie Personal Pizza$8.95
Veggie Small Pizza$14.95
Veggie Extra Large Pizza$25.95
Hawaiian Extra Large Pizza$25.95
Tropical Heatwave Small Pizza$15.95
Tropical Heatwave Medium Pizza$19.95
Tropical Heatwave Large Pizza$23.95
Tropical Heatwave Extra Large Pizza$26.95
Chicken Caesar Small Pizza$15.95
Chicken Caesar Medium Pizza$19.95
Chicken Caesar Extra Large Pizza$26.95
BYO (Build-Your-Own)
BYO (Small)$10.25
BYO (Medium)$13
BYO (Large)$16
BYO (Extra Large)$20
BYO (Personal)$6.25
Titan Pizza (24 pieces – 15” x 21” party size)
Pepperoni Titan Pizza$29.95
Canadiana Titan Pizza$39.95
Hawaiian Titan Pizza$39.95
Veggie Titan Pizza$39.95
Deluxe Titan Pizza$39.95
Barq’s Root Beer (500 ml)$3
Coke-Cola (500 ml)$3
Canada Dry Ginger Ale (500 ml)$3
Coke Zero (500 ml)$3
Diet Coke (500 ml)$3
Sprite (500 ml)$3
Cinnamon Apple Crisp Dessert Pizza$7.95

Topper’s Pizza Menu FAQ’s

Does Topper’s Pizza serve breakfast ?

There is no mention of breakfast in the provided menu of Topper’s Pizza. It seems they only offer items for lunch and dinner.

Does Topper’s Pizza serve lunch ?

The provided menu does not explicitly state whether Topper’s Pizza serves lunch or not. It only provides a list of their menu items without any indication of when they are available.

What’s the cheapest dish at Topper’s Pizza

The cheapest dish at Topper’s Pizza is the TopperSticks for $6.95.

In conclusion,

Topper’s Pizza Canada offers a diverse and delicious menu that caters to all pizza lovers. With a combination of classic toppings and creative combinations, customers are sure to find something that appeals to their taste buds. Whether it’s a regular pizza or a gluten-free option, Topper’s Pizza is committed to delivering high-quality ingredients and excellent customer service. Overall, Topper’s Pizza is a great choice for a pizza night with family or friends. If you are looking for the latest menu or have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section below.

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